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1. What’s your MOQ ?
>> Our MOQ for each model is 200 PCS.
2. How long does it take to receive my items once I've placed my order?
>> Mirrortech order fulfillment for mirrors and cabinets generally takes about 4 weeks.
3.Are special orders possible, and you produce customer size ?
>> Special orders maybe possible, but only for large volumes order . Minimum order size will vary depending on size , shape. Contact us with your specifications for more detailed information.
4. From what location do Mirrortech products ship?
>> All Mirrortech products ship from Shenzhen China.  
5. What is the warranty on Mirrortech product?
>> Every Mirrortech product comes with a one (1) year warranty from the date of installation.
6. How thick is the mirrors in your products?
>> We use 5mm glass mirrors on our products.
7. Are all of the items you produce shown on your website ?
>> Most , but not all of our products shown on our website. We are keeping develop new products for our customers.
8. Are there any special products I should use to clean my mirrors?
>> No, Mirrortech recommends using only a soft cloth dampened with water. Do not use any chemicals or harsh cleaners.  If you wash the mirror with a wet cloth, please make sure there are no drops remaining on the edges.  Rub that area dry as well.
9. Do you have a catalog of all your product ?
>> Yes , we have catalog but not all of our product on it . You can send email to  for more product information.
10. How much is delivery?
>> Delivery costs are calculated on your total order, and the area we are delivering to. For more detailed information on delivery costs please contact us.